Why Did Rory McIlroy Resign From PGA Tour Board? The Irish Golfer Makes a Heartfelt Confession

Published 01/03/2024, 11:49 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

It indeed was a big shock to the golf world when Rory McIlroy put down his papers from the post of player director on the PGAT Board. But truth be told this step was a long time coming. The situation in the recent past was not only haphazard but also left players like him scratching their heads over the future. Ever wondered why he resigned? 

Now that some time has passed McIlroy is ready to bring the truth behind his decision in front of the world. He recently appeared on the Stick to Football Podcast where he shed light on what prompted him to step down.

Rory McIlroy’s confession about leaving the PGAT Board


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McIlroy gave a very candid interview on the podcast, something he hasn’t done in a while. Shedding light upon his resignation he revealed that he decided to do so as board duties were taking a lot of his time. And he wanted to focus on winning those tournaments that he dreamed about winning as a kid. 

He said, “I resigned at the end of this year, but it was more to do with it was just taking up too much of my time. I just want to get back to being a golfer and playing golf.” This was the same reason that McIlroy has stated in November when he resigned. Now he has forgotten about the past and expressed the hope that with the merger everyone comes back together. 


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He recognized that there are players on both sides who don’t want the merger to happen for certain reasons. LIV golfers don’t want to come back on the PGA tour because they don’t feel like they’ve been treated very well. The same goes for the PGA Tour golfers who don’t want to see the defectors. But he suggests that putting their differences aside, both teams should now join hands.

He added, “I think at this point they need to put their egos and their feelings aside and come back together, and we all move forward because that would be the best thing for golf.”

In addition to these revelations, the Irishman also gave an insight into how things materialized about the merger and that, as a board member, he knew that talks were going on.

McIlroy revealed how the merger took place behind the scenes


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The 4x major champion had already met Yasir-Al-Rumayyan earlier in 2022. He chatted about the sport with him and came back to America inspired and impressed by Rumayyan’s remarks. As per the revelation, one of the board members was supposed to develop relations with the PIF governor so that they could move forward together.

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The PGA Tour loyalist knew that conversations were going on, but he didn’t know that things would escalate so quickly. The people involved met in April, and the initial agreement to create a fourth entity was finalized in June. But how exactly will this unfold, given that he was still in the dark?


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In the past, McIlroy has been vocal about his dislike for LIV, but with the merger coming close, it looks like he has reshaped his views about the situation. What do you think about his statements? Tell us in the comments below.

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