Wildest Oscar Story Ever? How a Golfing Disaster Changed the Academy Awards Forever

Published 03/13/2023, 2:03 PM EDT

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With the 2023 Oscars summing up, film fans from all over the world are thrilled to watch their favorite stars on the big stage. But when it comes to the history of these awards, there are numerous stories linked to the red carpet. Not to forget how Jenniffer Lawrence fell to the ground while running up the stairs to receive hers! But there is another interesting tale that always comes up whenever the Oscars arrive. And it involves the famous Irish actor, Barry Fitzgerald, and golf!

Barry Fitzgerald and his famous Oscar disaster

Famous for his roles in several superhit films including ‘The Quiet Man’, ‘Going My Way’, ‘The Naked City’, and many more, Barry Fitzgerald was one of a kind in his field. The Irish superstar was also well-known among his fans for his spectacular work in TV shows as well as stage art! With numerous records and awards in his name, Fitzgerald claimed the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, along with the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor!


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However, while receiving such an honorary award is still a dream for millions, Barry did something no one could have expected! Hollywood fans are well aware of how much celebrities enjoy being on the field of golf. And who doesn’t remember the time when Tom Holland played a few shots in his famous Spider-Man costume? Well, so was the case for Fitzgerald and his love for the game.

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But unfortunately, the avid golfer had to pay a really huge cost for his interest in the game. An Instagram post from 2018 suggests that the golf enthusiast once broke the head of his own Oscar while practicing golf! Yes, believe it or not, he did that himself. Following the incident and some other cases, the Oscars changed the plaster statuettes with metal-made figures to avoid more such accidents.


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Well, it wasn’t the happiest thing to happen to a man who made millions of people smile with his memorable roles and acts. The actor passed away in 1961, leaving behind tons of memories, a remarkable career, and of course, a broken Oscar!

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