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Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Gets His Hopes Killed After Tiger Woods ‘Shortcomings’ Get Modified After Going Viral

Published 03/27/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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Tiger Woods is the greatest of all-time golfers. It is hard to imagine that a complete amateur would defeat him in golf, given his years of experience. However, Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams‘ husband asked ChatGPT who would win between them. The AI had no answer to it, and therefore he called it a shortcoming. But a new development has taken place in the case. What is it?

Alexis Ohanian becomes hopeless regarding the ‘shortcomings’ of Tiger Woods

Earlier, Ohanian posted an update on his Twitter, “While it may be Thanos-snapping loads of nascent AI Startups, there are some serious shortcomings to ChatGPT.” He asked the famous AI a question, “who would win in a golf competition between tiger woods and alexis ohanian?” As a result, the AI replied that it was hard to figure out who would win. Because Woods has an extensive background in golf, Ohanian is diligent with great business acumen. However, golf is tricky because the weather, layout of the golf course, and many other things are to be considered. But in the end, it could not give the answer.


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But now the tables have turned in an unexpected way. Another user replied to his tweet with modified results from the GPT-4. He asked the same question, who would win a golf match? And the AI replied to Tiger Woods with a proper explanation. It said that both individuals are doing great in their said fields. However, if both of them are in good health, Wood would win against Ohanian. After this, William’s husband replied, “GG humanity.”


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Even though the shortcomings of ChatGPT were rectified by GPT-4, Ohanian always knew the answer to the question. A user said they would put their money on the PGA Tour pro to win, and the business king replied, “mine too!!” We can say probably, ChatGPT was leaning in because of Ohanian’s height, as mentioned by the user. But its explanation was termed as hedging by the fans.

GOAT as a player and as a father

Last year, Ohanian had the biggest praise for Woods. Off the golf game, Woods has had a contentious career due to an alleged affair. He has also run into trouble with law enforcement for drinking and driving. The golfer’s legacy, in contrast, will not change, according to Ohanian, who is also the father to five-year-old Alexis Olympia. The co-founder of Reddit tweeted, “I don’t talk about this stuff much publicly, but @TigerWoods is an absolute GOAT [Greatest Of All Time] not just for his career, but also as a dad to Charlie and Sam.”


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What are your thoughts about the shortcomings of the AI replies? Who do you think will win the golf match and why? Please share your views in the comments below.



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