Tiger Woods’ Profound New PGA Tour Role Gives 2X Major Winner Solace Despite His Future’s Uncertainty

Published 08/02/2023, 7:00 AM EDT

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The $3 billion merger between the PGA Tour and PIF Saudi promised a wave of change in golf’s dynamics. And it sure has begun sooner than even anticipated! The inclusion of the legendary Tiger Woods on the influential policy board is a rather prominent step toward the same. No doubt the news of Woods’ involvement is rather fresh, but the vigor of this addition has already started to garner the attention of big names.

One such eminent player is the 15-time PGA Tour winner, who couldn’t help but come forth with this approval for the same. Just like Phil Mickelson, who moments after the declaration supported Woods’ active participation in decision-making, this PGA Tour Pro has also voiced a strong opinion regarding the 15-time major winner’s affiliation with the changing dynamics of golf. Let us delve into the details concerning what the 30-year-old American professional had to reveal!

2-time PGA Championship winner reacts to Tiger Woods’ new position


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Despite the year 2023 not seeing the best of the golfer, Justin Thomas still remains an acclaimed name in the field of golf. Hence, it was not surprising when one of the journalists from Golftoday reached out to the PGA Tour Pro for his opinion on a recent update.

During a practice round at the upcoming Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina, Thomas can be seen answering questions about the PGA Tour’s fresh move to add Tiger Woods to the player policy board. It was a recent tweet by NUCLRGOLF that brought forth this interaction.

Acknowledging the importance of this decision, he stated, “I don’t think there’s anyone else I would want speaking on my behalf & the rest of the guys.…” He went on to add that he had dealt with some “roadblocks” along with multiple “difficult circumstances“. JT further recognized the character of Woods’ willingness to take concerns seriously while becoming a part of helping build better pathways for the future.

While the deal in context shocked the whole world with its announcement on June 6, golfers and everyone associated can be seen coming to terms with the new updates. However, there are still some matters pending between the two organizations.

Even with the shock of his involvement in the concerned case, JT still recognized the importance of Woods for the game of golf. Per him, it was a prestigious legacy that has been passed down from the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer to the 82-time PGA Tour winner.

He further humorously added, with a chuckle, that somehow the golf legend needs to be kept busy; he can’t just sit and do nothing. Despite this light-hearted remark, Thomas applauded the golf icon for not taking the easy path and staying out of the merger and instead allowing all the golfers to have a say in what is going on through him.

Woods issues a staggering stance to secure changes as a result of a new responsibility

Recently, per the Washington Post, Tiger Woods, along with other eminent golfers, forwarded a letter to the PGAT Commissioner, Jay Monahan. Addressing the current state of affairs in the game, the professionals demanded more say in the future of the tour. One of the first steps toward this venture was to introduce the golf genius, Tiger Woods, to the policy board.

And that’s exactly what the traditional league implemented yesterday! Most evidently, this position of authority implies a shift in power, which might ultimately be beneficial for the players. Acknowledging the seriousness of his role, Woods said, “The players will do their best to make certain that any changes that are made in Tour operations are in the best interest of all Tour stakeholders, including fans, sponsors, and players“.


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Since the news broke to the public regarding the billion-dollar merger, this is the first time the 47-year-old has spoken about it. The PGA Tour also believed that this measure would lead to full transparency and authority in the hands of the Player Directors. Well! Only time will tell what benefits the game will reap from this crucial stride.


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For now, JT appears confident about the decision and its positive impact on PGA Tour players. What do you think of Thomas’ opinion on Tiger Woods’ new role as the sixth Player Director on the Policy Board? Let us know in the comments!

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