You Won’t Believe the First Thing Tiger Woods Did After Winning the 2002 U.S. Open

Published 06/16/2022, 11:30 AM EDT
Tiger Woods has been setting records from his childhood | Courtesy: Reuters Images

Tiger Woods and his love for pizza has been well known around the world of golf. There have been many instances where we got a glimpse of the affection between Woods and Pizza. ESPN commentator Scott Van Pelt once shared a similar story about Tiger Woods enjoying his pizza after winning the 2002 US Open.

Tiger Woods has a stunning career with 82 PGA Tour wins. After each win, he enjoys a good meal. Woods is a foodie and has often been seen expressing his love for it.


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The 46-year-old has been good friends with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt. Ever since Woods became professional in the late 90’s, Pelt had been the person who got the opportunity to interview him after a tournament.

Tiger Woods was promised a Pizza by Van Pelt

Woods was interviewed by Pelt after his 2002 U.S Open win. But before the interview started, Van pelt casually asked Woods, “Wassup man?”. Woods quickly responded by saying, “I am starving.

Pelt then asked Woods what would he want if he won the US Open that year? To which Woods replied, “Pizza”. Van Pelt asked “What do you want on the Pizza?” to which Woods replied, “I want sausage and pepperoni”.


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Pelt agreed with Woods and promised to treat him with a pizza if he managed to win the 2002 US Open at Beth Page Black.

Woods’ enjoys his pizza after his win

Woods was in a strong lead ahead of the Sunday afternoon in the US Open. When Pelt realized that Woods could was on his way to win the US Open, he started looking for restaurants.

Golf – The Masters – Augusta National Golf Club – Augusta, Georgia, U.S. – April 8, 2022, Tiger Woods of the U.S. on the 4th tee during the second round REUTERS/Mike Blake

Woods obviously went on to win the 2002 US Open by defeating Phil Mickelson with a three-under-par score. Following his win, he was called in for an interview. Pelt was ready with his large pepperoni and sausage pizza, personally ordered from a local Pizzeria.


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Pelt said, “Tiger Woods comes in to sit down and do the interview with us and in the chair where he’s supposed to sit, there’s a big ass Pizza box.” He further talks about Woods by saying, “We just start smashing pizza. The guy from the USGA wants to murder me because there’s a very tight schedule I suppose, you know.”

Tiger Woods doesn’t like eating the crust of the Pizza so he left them as it is. The cameraman asked Van Pelt, “I wonder how much you could get for the crusts on eBay?” Van Pelt replied by saying, “Let’s not sell half-eaten food on the internet.”


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Maybe it’s the pizza after all that helps make Tiger Woods become the Greatest of All Time.

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