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John Daly Once Revealed His Initial Impression of Meeting a 13-Year-Old Tiger Woods: ‘The Guy’s Almost Kicking My A**’

Published 02/09/2022, 10:34 AM EST

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Many have shared their first impression of meeting Tiger Woods for the first time. However, when John Daly says it, it becomes interesting to hear.

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Daly still remembers it clear as a day. Tiger was 13 and was participating in the National Insurance Youth Golf Classic at Texarkana, and he was paired with Daly on the third day of the tournament. It was the first time the two golf legends met each other for the first time.


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John Daly shared his first impression of Tiger Woods.

Daly was quick to answer when the interviewer asked about his first impression of the young Tiger. John said, “Oh! he was unbelievable.”

John explained that Tiger was talented enough to almost beat him at 13. He said, “The guy’s almost kicking my a**!” Daly continued the talk by saying the score he scored and what Tiger scored; he shot a 3-under and Tiger an even-par. 


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Daly further added that he hit the ball with his 5-iron on par 3, and the ball broke into pieces. Tiger enjoyed it so much that he considers that shot to be one of his favorite from Daly. 

The tournament continued after the rules officials replaced the ball. Daly won that match over Tiger. He said, “I only beat him by (2) shots that day, he was only like 13.”


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Relationship between Tiger and Daly over the years

There were rumors that Daly and Woods didn’t like each other. However, Daly cleared it once and for all. He was talking after the 2021 PNC Championship in which he and his son won the belt. He also acknowledged the golf cart incident when Tiger called out him for using one in a tournament.

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The PNC Championship of 2021 was the first tournament Woods have participated in, after surviving the car accident in February 2020. 


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Daly is a man of words, and when he says a story, it becomes interesting. And it was funny to think how Tiger might have felt when John shattered the ball into pieces. Did you find his first meeting with Tiger interesting? Let us know!



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