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” Got a 50 from DrDisrespect”- Nickmercs Gets Mysterious Donation

Published 07/07/2020, 1:33 PM EDT

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Its been over a week since DrDisrespect was permanently banned from Twitch. While the reason still eludes us, several popular streamers have spoken about him. Nickmerks, Keemstar, and TimTheTatMan, for instance, have mentioned Doc in their streams. Just the other day, it seemed that Doc had donated 50$ to Nickmercs, which got him to open up after that. 

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The undisclosed war, which is going on between Twitch and DrDisrespect, has various crazy theories behind it. Some are saying that Doc is doing just fine, and he will be back soon. At the same time, others are speculating that he is done with Twitch and perhaps with his streaming career. 

Regardless, Doc has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the situation because right now, nothing seems to be conclusive enough to serve as evidence. Nickmercs did mention that he would like to play with Doc again soon. Hopefully, when all this is over, we will finally get to know the reason.


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DrDisrespect and Twitch battle

Nickmercs exclaimed, “I got a 50 from DrDisrespect. I don’t know if it’s him, he has donated me before, but this is exactly how he does it…The ponytail still dripping, the two-time never slipping.” 

It sounded exactly like something DrDisrespect would say.


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What seemed like a legal battle or an accusation at the start might be something much bigger than expected. Maybe, Dr Disrespect is the fall guy for this entire debacle. Fans have quite bizarre theories when it comes to DrDisrespect maintaining radio silence all over his social media.

If it is at all a legal battle, then Doc is doing the right thing maintaining his silence. Perhaps it is something entirely different, and something is being set up for the future. In a legal battle, it is always plausible for both parties to divulge absolutely no details. There was also a theory by Keemstar which seemed pretty plausible. 

The silence is deafening 

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For a personality like DrDisrespect a deafening silence like this is quite uncharacteristic. However, we are seeing almost everyone maintaining silence about this. From his streaming buddies to people who know a lot about the issue – everyone is keeping mum.

While it is possible that the situation is grave, it could simply mean legal liability is stopping the parties from speaking up. It is only a matter of time before either Twitch or Doc give their official statements. For now, it seems like bizarre theories are all we have. The best we can do is hope to get the facts sometime soon.



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