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Greg Hardy Issues Statement After No-Contest:- “I Am Not Taking Steroids, I Am Just Naturally a Monster”

Greg Hardy Issues Statement After No-Contest:- “I Am Not Taking Steroids, I Am Just Naturally a Monster”

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy is yet again the center of controversies with his fight against Ben Sosoli in UFC Boston. Although Greg Hardy was winning the fight against Sosoli quite comfortably, he was exhausted after round two and asked his corner for an inhaler to control his breathing.

His corner after asking for permission to an inspector present at the ringside gave Hardy the inhaler. Hardy would go on to win the fight via unanimous decision, but the fight was turned to a no-contest after the event was over by Nevada State Athletic Commision.

As soon as Greg Hardy used the inhaler, Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz called out the commission to disqualify the Hardy for the illegal move. Even Dana White was surprised with Greg Hardy’s immature move. However, it seems Hardy still thinks he was not in the wrong during the whole incident.

Hardy believes that use of the inhaler is allowed since he has been using it though out his entire NFL career and he even claimed that USADA has approved the use of an inhaler.

Saw in the commission paper work when I weighed in, It’s on the USADA paperwork when I take every single drug test so that Shawn knows I am not taking steroids, I am just naturally a monster.” said Hardy when asked about whether he was sanctioned by USADA to use the inhaler. It’s safe to assume that you may use the inhaler during the fight camp, however use of an inhaler during the fight is unacceptable as per the guidelines of Commission.

Greg Hardy was disappointed with how things play out and said:

“I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing. I asked permission, he told me I could and I am in trouble again. It’s a crapy feeling. I just fought more time than I ever fought in my whole entire career and we are sitting here talking about an inhaler that I have used my whole entire life.”

“I have used it every single day, it’s exercise induced asthma and I exercise everyday. I have never used in a fight which is why I asked permission.” mentioned Hardy.

Although Greg hardy did ask for permission to the inspector present inside the octagon, that inspector had no authority to allow an athlete to use a illegal substance during the fight.

With the no contest in UFC Boston, Greg Hardy has now two no contest in his short MMA career.

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