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Grigor Dimitrov on Radek Stepanek – “We’ve Never Started Together”

Grigor Dimitrov on Radek Stepanek – “We’ve Never Started Together”

Grigor Dimitrov

Former World Number three, Grigor Dimitrov was rumored to train with Radek Stepanek and Andre Agassi. Recently, the Bulgarian cleared out that he did not join forces with Stepanek.

“We’ve never started together [about something serious], if I have to admit, we just tried to see if things would work out, but we couldn’t find the right approach. I’m looking for a coach, but I am not in a hurry,” Grigor Dimitrov said.

However, he confirmed that he has been in touch with Andre Agassi. They have been working together. Agassi certainly doesn’t travel around the world with Grigor but telephonically the eight-time Grand Slam champion guides the 28-year-old Bulgarian. 

“Andre has always been in contact (with me). He’s always there if I need to talk to him. The whole encyclopedia is that when you talk on the phone,” Grigor stated.

Grigor Dimitrov

He’s in for sure. He’s a special person in our team. It’s difficult for me to explain Andre as a person. We have a very special relationship for years, but the last year we spent a lot of time together and at the most delicate moments you can rely on him,” the Bulgarian added.

Dimitrov will be next seen at ATP Cup 2020 in Australia and he will be leading Team Bulgaria, but next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games are not part of his calendar.

“I look forward to playing in the ATP Cup, where I will be playing as captain. I can’t wait to begin this preparation. I’m glad for the young guys who will come with me and for being one of the first entrants,” he said.

In 2019, Grigor Dimitrov held his first victory over the five-time US Open champion, Roger Federer made it to the semifinals of US Open 2019. Also, he was one of the semifinalists at Rolex Paris Masters 2019.

Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov
Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov (Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports)

This season, Dimitrov holds a win-loss record of 22-21 this season. He did not win a title in the 2019 season and earned $2,117,523 in prize money. 

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