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Gruesome Injury! MMA Fighter Snaps His Leg in Half Inside the Ring

Gruesome Injury! MMA Fighter Snaps His Leg in Half Inside the Ring

Anderson Silva

We have seen some gruesome injuries over the years in the sport of MMA. When two fighters go to war inside the closed ring, basically anything can happen. Let it be Anderson Silva breaking his leg in half against Chris Weidman or Frank Mir breaking the arm of Nogueira in a submission, on a few occasion fans are forced to see the dark side of MMA when a fighter suffers a brutal injury inside the ring.

A similar incident happened when MMA fighter, Hussain Ayad took on Matiss Zaharovs at Brave CF 29. Ayad was fighting Zaharovs in his backyard in Bahrain. However, the outcome of the fight is going to change the course of his fight career for sure.

The injury was very similar to the injury of¬†¬†Anderson Silva¬†against Chris Weidman. When Hussain Ayad threw a leg kick, his opponent Zaharovs checked the kick. The force behind the kick was enough to snap Ayad’s right leg in half. Now, this kind of injury is just unfortunate. It’s very hard to break the¬†Tibia¬†part of the leg. However, the opponent, Zaharovs checked the leg kick which gave enough counterforce to snap the bone in half. Although it’s less fatal than breaking the leg at the joints, still it has put Ayad’s fight career in danger for sure.

With this injury, fans are again reminded of how brutal the sport of mixed martial art is.

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