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The Haas F1 vs Rich Energy saga has been an ongoing affair with no respite in sight. Now, it seems that Rich Energy CEO William Storey released a document claiming that Haas F1 agreed to part ways.

All in all, it was a strange weekend for the American team who witnessed the British drinks company’ internal struggle. Everything harked back to when Storey allegedly sent a tweet announcing that Rich Energy had cut ties with immediate effect.

However, the Haas F1 team were quick to deny such outrageous claims and assure that things were smooth sailing. However, there were reports of investors who are trying to oust Storey from the CEO position. In turn, Storey alleged that the investors were staging a “coup” and were in cohorts with Red Bull and Whyte Bikes.

After Sunday’s race though, William Storey got even more arsenal to mock the Haas F1 team. In other words, their early double retirement was the butt of a joke by the Rich Energy CEO. He tweeted an image of himself in a milk float, in addition to an image of what appeared to be confirmation that the team had agreed to terminate their deal.

Kevin Magnussen
Haas F1

Furthermore, that tweet claimed that Haas F1 were launching a legal claim for £35m in damages. That amount was significant as it represented the worth of the four-year deal with Rich Energy.

It also denies that the deal can be ended on performance grounds, the reason given by Storey in his original tweet, and cites the decision to remove the stag logo from the car in Canada after Rich Energy lost a copyright claim from Whytes Bikes.

Of course, there is no official word from Haas on the legitimacy of the document and clearly, this story has a long way still to go.

William Storey