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Haas F1 Boss Calls Team a ‘Lame Sitting Duck’ After Disaster Season

Haas F1 Boss Calls Team a ‘Lame Sitting Duck’ After Disaster Season

The Haas F1 team have endured a nightmarish season in 2019, ending up only ahead of Williams F1. To that end, team boss Guenther Steiner is not too thrilled and is waiting for the season to end already.

One season-long issue that has plagued the American team is the ability to maintain the tyres in the right operating window. This normally results in both drivers tumbling down the order in races, and the outfit has yet to crack the code.

Steiner confessed that the frustration is hard to accept and hopes to move on, if the team can sort out the problem for 2020.

“It’s tough at the moment,” said Steiner to Motorsport.com. “It is like having a football team with 11 defenders and no strikers, and everyone attacks you. You cannot do anything.

“It is damage limitation and if everyone else does a good job then it doesn’t work, you can’t do anything. Every strategy you do is wrong because you still fall back.

“You know now that if not everything goes perfect, it is always the same, we fall back. We cannot do anything about it. We are sitting there like a lame duck.”

The only good news is that the team have found the root of its struggles this year. Now, the American team can only hope that it can bounce back in 2020 and push higher up the order.

“I hope we can open a new book,” he continued. “Not a new page… a new book. For me, 2019 never happened and we can forget about that year happening. It is pretty challenging.

“For me I look forward to get out of it. To overcome the challenge, that is what keeps you going.

“My expectations are not to get too upset about the situation. Maybe it will make me appreciate the good days more when they come back. You need to go through the lows to appreciate the highs.”

Kevin Magnussen
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