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Haas F1 Boss Guenther Steiner Mocks FIA as Stewards Penalise him for Outburst

Haas F1 Boss Guenther Steiner Mocks FIA as Stewards Penalise him for Outburst

Haas F1 boss Guenther Steiner is known for being particularly outspoken when he feels hard done by. Unfortunately, it seems that it has now came back to bite him hard, at the Japanese Grand Prix 2019.

As it turned out, he was called away from the pre-race press conference a bit early, to see the stewards. Last time out, in Russia, both he and Kevin Magnussen slammed steward Emanuele Pirro for a late penalty.

In Sochi, he said, “If it wasn’t for a stupid, idiotic steward, we would be eighth. You know who is the steward. It is always the same. He just does not get any more intelligent.”

Magnussen did not help matters when he agreed with his team boss, and dubbed it as a ‘load of shit’.

Feeling insulted by the cheek, the FIA cracked down hard on the American Formula One team. This is not the first time that Steiner has publicly criticised the stewards. So, motorsport’s governing body is keen to take action against the Haas F1 team principal.

Now, he has been slapped with a fine, with talks of penalising the team as well as the individual in the future. It could potentially cost them in the Constructors’ Championship, especially if there is a points deduction. However, the harshest punishment that can be imposed is a paddock ban.

FIA race director Michael Masi said, “Ultimately we’re all here to do our job, be it the officials, the teams, everyone, and there has to be a degree of mutual respect.”

“If something inappropriate was said, there are those responsible for legal issues off the racetrack who can look at it.”

Then, in Suzuka, the Haas F1 boss decided that if he was gonna go down, he may as well do it in style. He joked that he does not get penalised for leaving the press conference early, and declared in front of the cameras that he will see them in Austin.

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