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Haas F1 Contemplating their Future Beyond 2021

Haas F1 Contemplating their Future Beyond 2021

The Haas F1 team have not had the best of seasons in 2019, after making a number of promises. To that end team owner Gene Haas has made a shocking admission that the car won’t be on the gird in 2021.

The American cited the lack of results as the main reason for them not wanting to continue. However, there is a question of what will happen to their drivers. Admittedly, staying in F1 is going to be very costly, especially for the Haas F1 team. This is because, they desperately need the results in order to stay in the sport in the long term.

This is their 4th season in Formula One since their debut in 2016, fielding Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez. Since then, they have worked their way up the order to establish themselves as a mid-tier team. Unfortunately, all that came crashing down in 2019, where they struggled a lot.

For the current season, they are languishing in 9th, only ahead of the RoKit Williams team. While they are comfortably ahead of the Grove-based team, by 25 points, they are five points behind SportPesa Racing Point.

Haas F1
Gene Haas

The Haas F1 owner has confessed that it will be tough for them to remain a team unless the results improve.

” If it becomes too heavy a load, then we just have to cease to exist, Haas revealed to Autosport.com.

“The concern about 2021 is that it doesn’t matter what they can think of. How much will it cost us? Every time they make a change, their implementation costs 20, 30 or 40 million dollars. They keep saying they want to save money and, despite they seem very interested in making changes.”

“We are going to introduce refuelling again, let’s make it more interesting.”

Hopefully for their sake, they are able to buck up the pace and improve as the second half of the season approaches.

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