In an otherwise, dull Spanish Grand Prix, the Haas F1 duo provided some form of minor entertainment. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen began to tussle towards the end of the race, no doubt giving the team plenty of heart attacks.

Their on-track shenanigans resulted in Grosjean taking the escape route twice. However he went down the escape route a third time, this time, while battling Carlos Sainz Jr. In the end, Magnussen finished 7th, with Grosjean in 10th.

“There are no problems at all. We got seven points on Sunday and that’s the most we have had since Australia, so it was a good day all round,” Magnussen said.

Guenther always sounds angry. It’s normal. No matter what he says, even if he is wishing you happy birthday! There is no problems, it’s all fine.”

“I’m sure there were some heated radio messages in the race but we are fighting hard for position and there was a bit of contact, but it is what it is.”

Haas F1

However, Magnussen insisted that there was no bad blood at all between them. He also felt that he was blameless in the incident with Grosjean. he was of the opinion that Grosjean went off on his own, rather than Magnussen pushing him off

“At the end of the day nothing happened between us. I got P7 and scored six points, he scored one point but could have scored more, he had the pace, but didn’t for different reasons,” he continued.

“It wasn’t what happened between me and him that meant we didn’t score more points. He went off and came back on track behind me and then lost positions to other people, so it’s not that I pushed him off the track and then he lost a lot of positions – that didn’t happen.”

Magnussen insisted that the contact made their battle even more difficult on the outside. However he did not think that he should have done things differently, nor was the Grosjean contact intentional.

Haas driver Romain Grosjean takes the scenic route after a botched attempt to pass his teammate