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Haas F1 Duo Collide Yet Again in Hockenheim

Haas F1 Duo Collide Yet Again in Hockenheim

It is now getting to a point where it is no longer an F1 race if the Haas F1 drivers don’t collide with each other. Both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen could not keep their hands to themselves any longer and banged wheels. Luckily, both drivers lived to see the chequered flag and somehow bagged a double points finish.

Grosjean and Magnussen blamed each other for the incident, which probably did not do Guenther Steiner’s mood any favours. Grosjean angrily yelled, “My God this guy is incredible. He will never learn.”

In the other Haas F1 car, Magnussen spat, “What is he doing? Just think about what do you wanna do because I’m really not comfortable racing this guy.”

So far this season, Haas F1 are suffering from ‘the qualifier must learn to race’ syndrome.

“I was as surprised as maybe everybody else that after what happened in Silverstone, they do it again,” said Steiner. “I mean, I didn’t speak with them after the race, there’s no point. I will do it before Budapest and find a clear line what to do and what not to do. If they don’t understand what that means, I need to tell them event by event and lap by lap what to do, and I think that will happen.

“I haven’t seen the incident in the replay,” he admitted. “I’ve seen it once on TV. I need to look at it and we need to come to a conclusion because we are not really quick, so we don’t need any more distractions or loss of points by running into each other or into anybody else as well.

“It’s one of these things where I’m baffled in the moment. We will regroup and go again.”

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