Haas F1 Poke Fun at Red Bull for ‘Grapefruit Juice’ Claim


Earlier, the Red Bull team made a rather strange accusation against the Scuderia Ferrari team. According to Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, “The fuel from the Ferrari garage smells like grapefruit juice”. Apparently, the Haas F1 team found the funny side of that remark.

Afterwards, the Ferrari customer team were questioned about the odd accusation. That was when team principal Guenther Steiner cracked open the joke book and came out with a hilarious reply.

Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, Guenther Steiner said, “We were asked before the season which fragrance we wanted. We chose raspberry.”

On a more serious note, AMuS discovered that Haas and Ferrari do not use the same fuel. According to the GPS data, the Ferrari V6 has more power on the factory team than in the customer teams.

Haas boss, Steiner explained further: “I think the difference on the straights is a combination of engine and drag.”