Haas F1 Troll Their Own Drivers During the Hungarian Grand Prix

By 1 year ago

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Toro Rosso team had their hearts in their mouths. This was because Daniil Kvyat and Alex Albon were duelling and getting far too close to each other. They tweeted about their fear of both drivers colliding and a potential non finish. That was when the Haas F1 team jumped in and spilled some home truths.

In all honesty, Haas’ response was hilarious and a cheeky dig at their own drivers’ battles. The only difference was that Albon and Kvyat lived to fight on. Meanwhile, the Haas F1 duo constantly collided and the last time they did so, both of them were out of the race.

Haas F1 had their own problems, mostly away from Formula One, notably their issues with Rich Energy and sponsorship. So when Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen bust each others’ cars, it does little to improve the team’s morale.

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