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Haas has Vergne,Guttierrez and Hulkenberg under their radar

Haas has Vergne,Guttierrez and Hulkenberg under their radar

The American team Haas which is set to make an entry into the F1 World in 2016 has revealed three drivers under their radar.

These three include two Ferrari reserve drivers, Jean-Eric Vergne, Esteban Gutierrez and third being Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg.

With Haas having a very close relation with Ferrari, the former two drivers are a real possibility.

The team recently inaugurated their Factory Outlet in Portugal, the team’s Founder, Gene Haas, said, “We have a list of drivers in which we are interested in, but in the next few months there will be many moves in the (existing) teams’ lineups and we will wait to see who is interested in the project we are developing,”

“Two of them are reserve drivers from Ferrari, so they are certainly a possibility.

“As far as the other name that you mention, he is a driver from another team, so the possibility of him driving for us depends of his position with his team.

“Anybody who is driving in a Formula One team right now, certainly, is someone that we would be interested in, if he becomes available,” said Haas.

The team did mention that they need an experienced driver, one who is already a part of the F1 paddock and one that has a good backing with them, a.k.a  a paydriver.

The team was initially set to make its debut in 2015 only, but decided to delay their venture into the F1 World to 2016 so that they have more time and are in a much better state when they make their entry.


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