Haas F1 Team Unveil a Revised Livery for Remainder of the Season


American F1 team Haas F1 unveiled a revised livery ahead of next week’s Monaco GP. Previously they ran a dark grey, red and black livery until the Spanish GP last week. But now, they have replaced majority of the red portions with a lighter shade of grey. Only the angular accent mark on the rear of the car will remain red along with the team logo and the Haas Automation logo. The car still retains the dark grey primary colour scheme and a black secondary colour scheme. But now the team sports a light grey tertiary colour scheme


Haas team boss Gunther Steiner said that the changes were made with regard to greater visibility of the driver numbers. The new regulations set by the FIA state that the drivers’ racing number must be visible on the front of the car and the 3 letter abbreviation of the drivers’ names must be visible on the side of the car. “It is for the whole year now,” said Steiner of the livery. “With the change in the size of the numbers and its positioning, we looked into making the entire car a little more visible.”

This might be a reaction to the suspended fine that was imposed on the Force India team for failing to comply with the new regulation regarding the driver numbers.


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