Halo Infinite: Fans React As Gameplay Disappoints

Published 07/23/2020, 2:45 PM EDT

The Xbox event had many things to showcase. However, one game that everyone had their eyes on was Halo: Infinite. The game was hyped from the get go and although, many details were leaked and shown before, people still wanted to see more.

Halo: Infinite- Gameplay decoded

It is hard to judge what Microsoft has brought forward. The first-person shooter was one of the most awaited title of the year and was the sixth main entry in the Halo series.


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Everyone wanted to see what multiplayer modes the game will bring to the table. While many others wanted to see the next-gen graphics that was supposed to shatter unlike any other. After all, the game was touted to be one of the biggest budget games ever made.

For anyone and everyone who expected such things from Halo: Infinite, we are sorry to tell you that you’d be disappointed.

The game lacked the graphic overhaul and it looked quite similar to old Halo titles. The next-generation punch you’d expect was totally missing.

What was in the video?

The game play premiere video shows Master Chief in a quarrel with the pilot. In the quarrel, Master Chief states that “There won’t be a home if we don’t stop the Banished“. The video also highlights how they are outnumbered against the Condors.

The game starts after the events of Halo 5. The pilot’s name is not revealed. But it seems that the pilot helped Master Chief to where he is now. Together, they seem to be battling the same foes. Towards the end of the premier trailer, the actual antagonists of the game are shown with Banished leader named War Chief Escharum.

“The UNSC lost the war months ago. You people are broken, scattered, hunted, defeated by me. I wish I could tell you it was a bit difficult but it wasn’t. We are one step ahead always. The ring is already under our control. Soon, the auditorium as well. The Harbinger and the Banished share the same goal. We fight together to honor the will of Atriox.”

The villain was a little less than appealing. However, that wasn’t the worst part most players noticed. 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot came out on his Twitter handle and was pretty upset with the lack of Battle Royale mode in the game.

Did the game totally disappoint?

Many were disappointed in the game. Mainly for how it looked and felt. Everyone expected their minds to be blown away because of the game, but nothing of the sort happened. Players and fans took it to Twitter to express their disheartened mind. You can read the tweets below.


Pro players disappointed over lack of BR

While Xbox has decided to go on another route with the game, several players aren’t happy. Nadeshot in particular wanted some more multiplayer modes and BR especially. While Call of Duty is indeed a big game, it is tough to compare Halo with it. The developers see a different angle to the game and whether it works is totally dependent on the execution of the game.

Another 100T memeber Courage came up with similar opinion. He too demanded a Battle Royale mode in Halo: Infinite. Courage wanted a more appealing multiplayer in the game.


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Seeing a Battle Royale mode in Halo would be real exciting. Although the chance of it actually happening is really slim. If Microsoft actually thinks of pulling something more exciting, they could consider adding in the mode sometime in the future.



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