“Hamilton is an Iconic Driver”-David Coulthard

November 3, 2018 1:12 pm

13-time Grand Prix winner David Coulthard, was all praises, when he spoke about Lewis Hamilton, in his exclusive interview with the BBC Sport. “There’s no question he’s an exceptional driver,” said Coulthard. Coulthard has won 13 grand prixs in his career, and was of the opinion that maybe Lewis Hamilton is appreciated enough.

“He can be divisive but whether you like his personality or like his lifestyle, you have to recognize he is an iconic and successful British racing driver and we should be celebrating that more”, said Coulthard.

“I think we’re quite shy about our success in the UK”, he continued. “If we look at America, they just had their World Series in baseball, it’s a domestic championship but they talk about it like it’s the world”, he added.“We don’t really celebrate how good we are across the board. We’re good at what we do, not just in motor-sport, and we need to shout about it more”, said Coulthard. This admission came after Four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah, who received his knighthood last November, also said that Lewis Hamilton deserved to be knighted.

If I had to vote then I would definitely vote for him – for what he has done in sport,” in an interview with Dubai Eye 103.8FM. He added that Hamilton was a great personality on and off the track, and deserved to be recognized more. “I don’t think he gets as much credit as he deserves,” Mo Farah added. “He is a great guy – maybe I am saying that because I am biased and he is my friend.”

Lewis Hamilton eased his way to his fifth drivers championship last week in Mexico. He is only the second player in the history of the F1 to do it. Well who knows maybe next time we see we will have to address him by “Sir” Lewis Hamilton.

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