Lewis Hamilton hopes McLaren and Williams can fight for The World Championship before he retires

April 24, 2017 9:31 pm

Lewis Hamilton came close to winning his first Driver’s title in 2007 in his debut year with McLaren. He won the championship the following year in 2008 and had decent success with the team thereafter.

Lewis Hamilton with team boss Toto Wolff

His decision to quit the team and move to the Mercedes was highly criticized at the time and most people thought it was the wrong move for Lewis. McLaren have never won a race after Lewis departed.

Williams on the other hand took their last pole in 2014 and last race win in 2012. But they’ve never been in a position to challenge for the title since 2003 when they came 2nd in the constructors’ championship.

The Williams FW40

Lewis has recently voiced his opinion that the races he wins fighting multiple drivers from different teams are ones that he enjoys a lot more. He said,”What’s sad for me watching Formula 1 is you see the depth of teams, Williams, McLaren, and they’re not back there. Williams hasn’t been right in the fight for years. They had that real slump, and now McLaren’s having it.

There’s a passion with Ferrari, there’s a passion with Mercedes, passion with McLaren, because of the drivers, experiences and championships they’ve had while I’ve been watching Formula 1. I hope in my time left in Formula 1 there is a period of time where Williams is up there with us and McLaren is up there with us and there’s a real strong front line of the top teams which I think is magical. I hope that comes back into the mix at some stage.”

McLaren Honda MCL32

McLaren had 2 World championship winning drivers at their disposal in 2016 and failed to deliver any promising performances. Their tie-up with Honda hasn’t borne any fruit yet. It would definitely be a joy for fans to see multiple teams fight for race wins. It would also be exciting for the drivers on track. Hamilton echoes the sentiments of the fans when he says that he hopes that the teams with so much history in Formula 1 return to their winning ways.

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