Hamilton Thinks That Vettel Cannot Handle High Pressure Situations

June 27, 2017 3:04 am

The Azerbaijan GP wrapped up on Sunday with Daniel Ricciardo reaching the chequered flag first, but his victory was overshadowed by the controversial clash between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Now Hamilton says that his title rival has “lacked composure” for a while. Following Vettel’s questionable antics, the FIA slapped him with a 10-second penalty. He was additionally given 3 penalty points for his intentional clash with title rival Hamilton, if Vettel earns 3 more penalty points, it could result in a race ban.

No longer seeing eye to eye after the Baku incident

Vettel alleged that Hamilton had brake-checked him but the FIA confirmed that the telemetry told a different story. In response, Hamilton said that Vettel acting the way he was comes as no surprise to him. Hamilton cited last season as an example where Vettel used to get highly animated on the radio. If you look at last year, some of the things he came and said on the radio, so we know how he can be. I honestly would never have thought that would happen today, but we as a team can only look at that as a positive for us. He is obviously under pressure and that’s not a bad thing — that shows that pressure can get to even some of the best of us.”

Despite the on track shenanigans, Vettel managed to snatch 4th from Hamilton, who had problems himself. The British driver admitted that the Sebastian Vettel that everyone saw at Azerbaijan was a different one that turned up at the last 8 races. But he also said that he will remain respectful and let his driving do the talking.

Dhruv George

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