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Hamilton Uninterested in Chasing Schumacher’s Record of 7 Titles

Hamilton Uninterested in Chasing Schumacher’s Record of 7 Titles

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has his sights on a fourth world championship. He is currently 28 points ahead of rival Sebastian Vettel. However he feels that German legend Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 world championships is out of reach. Although he still has a good 5-6 years left in him.

Lewis Hamilton

He said “Honestly, I’m working just step by step. It’s hard enough to get these championships won one at a time; it’s hard enough just to get this fourth one. Currently, it’s quite clear for me. Who knows if we’re going to get anywhere near Michael? Seven championships – I personally don’t have a desire to chase that.”

He also said that he was enjoying Formula 1 more than ever and relishing the challenge of the current season. The Briton said “I’m loving driving more than ever. I feel like I’m driving better than ever. I feel the most whole as a driver that I’ve ever been, which is a great feeling,” Lewis also said that it was nice being challenged by the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull.

His Future

Hamilton, appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show, spoke about his future plans as well. The 32-year old said “There’s been talks about it and I definitely have thought about it. There’s been times when I’ve thought there’s other things I want to do.

After the Singapore Grand Prix, Hamilton benefitted from Vettel’s misfortune and extended his championship lead to 28 points. With 6 races left, there are 150 points up for grabs and Hamilton knows that he cannot afford a mistake.

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It is no secret that the 3-time world champion has a passion for music and fashion. He was recently spotted at London Fashion Week. “For these past five, six years I’ve really been trying to work on what I enjoy outside of the sport,” he said. “So that when I stop I can walk away and still have other things. Every year I’m always assessing the plan.”

However, Lewis is certainly not taking his career in racing for granted. Now he will be look forward to Malaysia

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