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Hamilton and Vettel battled in Spain, Fans on Twitter

Hamilton and Vettel battled in Spain, Fans on Twitter

Finally, the two greatest drivers of the current generation went against each other wheel to wheel and man what was expected to be a boring Spanish Grand Prix instead turned on its head and became a nail biter instead.

Vettel nailed the start and led the race and played the strategic game pitting early. At one point he had a 6-second advantage but Vandoorne rather bemusing clash with Massa bought the VSC and Vettel’s lead was gone when the German pitted having to bolt on Mediums while his rival was on Soft.

The two battled brilliantly on Vettel held on for as long as he could but couldn’t keep the Brit behind for too long and he ultimately had to contend with 2nd.


Oh and Ricciardo finished 3rd. He ran a lonely race though.

Ferrari and Mercedes both suffered terminal damage with their second cars though. Kimi got tagged by Bottas at the start and ran into Verstappen ending both their races, while Bottas later retired with an engine failure.

This Kid was lucky though.

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