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September 9, 2017 1:19 am

Change is the only constant and the ‘Gentleman’s Game’ is constantly changing- from the era of caps, trousers and 60 overs to the era of helmets, track pants and T20s, cricket has been one of the most vibrant games played worldwide. In the process of making the game gentler and fairer, the ICC introduced a few new rules in the game which will be executed from October 1, this year.

Spin on the Run-out Rule


While running between the wickets, when a player’s bat is within the crease, but after touching the ground, suddenly makes a short rebound in the air as the stumps are dislodged the batsman is given an out- I am sure everyone has witnessed this heartbreaking view. Fortunately, the ICC has changed the rule this year. Once the bat makes its way inside the crease, the batsman is considered to be in and the stumping cannot eject him from the field anymore.

Introducing the Red-card

Deccan Chronicle

It seems the ICC is doing all it can to keep the Gentleman’s game that way.  Just like Football, misbehaving players are given a red card for their misconduct and made to sit on the bench, cricket is now all set to borrow this rule from its fellow sport and incorporate it from the 1st of October. What qualifies as misconduct will be followed by the already established ICC rules earlier. It will be fun to watch two of our favourite games come together like this.

The DRS verdict

India Today

A review saved, is a review earned. The DRS review has always been a matter of ambiguity in the cricketing spectrum. Prior to the advent of new ICC rule, when the DRS verdict returns to Umpire’s call, the team that has asked for it loses the review. But now with this rule as of 1st October, this won’t be the case. Umpire’s call only is taken into the equation when there would be a rise of the benefit of the doubt which needs to be awarded. Sometimes ball tracking doesn’t seem enough to track a ball completely hitting the stump or shaving it so in that circumstances the decision goes back to the umpire’s call on the field. If that happens team won’t lose a review.

In Test matches, the reviews are refreshed at the 80-over mark. As of now, a team is allowed two failed reviews and after 80-over till the end of the innings, they are giving two more. From now on there will be no top up after the 80-over mark.

The ICC has also agreed that the DRS is to be used in all T20Is as well.

Bats get new dimensions


With the coming of T20s, batsmen took the reins of the game in their hands. Since then they seemed to have an edge over the bowlers- until now. The ICC has ordered new dimensions for the bat in light of the fact that broader bats give batsmen greater advantage. Hence to make things even, bats are reduced to 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges to enable fair play. After all size matters.

Well, cricket fans embrace themselves to find what these new rules have in store for all of us. Although we will not be able to witness these rules in the upcoming Australia tour of India as it starts mid-September it certainly has us bright-eyed for the future matches.

Ranojoy Middya

Belonging to the cohort of cricket fanatics, Ranojoy Middya is an assiduous cricketer who aspires to live life in purview of the cricketing world; penning his line of thinking at present and living up to it in the near future.

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