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“Harassed” by Police, Wife Hasin Jahan Gets Verdict against Mohammed Shami

“Harassed” by Police, Wife Hasin Jahan Gets Verdict against Mohammed Shami

An arrest warrant has been issued against Mohammed Shami on Monday, on charges of domestic violence.

Shami has been given 15 days by a Kolkata court to appear before it and apply for bail, and failing to do so will see him arrested.

The verdict came more than an year after his wife Hasin Jahan filed the case against him. In 2018, Shami’s wife had accused him of domestic violence, and a case was registered against the fast bowler.

Since the complaint, Hasin Jahan did not seem to receive much support. As quoted by India Today, she claimed a few days back that the police have been against her instead of arresting the Indian cricketer.

“Police have not arrested Shami Ahmed as I have filed cases against him. Police have harassed me rather than him,” she had said.

“This suggests that Shami Ahmed can do anything with any common people but he will not get punishment as he is an international cricketer. Some (sections of the )media are just producing news against me for their own agenda.”

“I am all alone and fighting my battle alone. Today just because I have no strong family background or source of income like the wives of other cricketers, I have to face these kinds of problem.”

The verdict should come as a success for Hasin Jahan, who probably found out that a legal fight against a celebrity involves major difficulties.

“This long duration of the case is very difficult for me but today I have media with me who will listen to me but what will happen to those who have no one to listen,” she said. “This has happened to me just because this is India. If it was any other country this thing had never happened to me. The police in UP has harassed me immensely but this has happened only because this is India.”

She also criticised the government, who according to her, supported Shami because of his fame.

“All the government knows that Shami is guilty but supported him just because he is an international cricketer and ruined my life and my daughter’s life,” Hasin Jahan said.

“This means that I will not get justice. I am fighting this battle for the last one and a half year and will continue this fight till I get Justice. Shami can kill me anytime and you all will remain silent because you think that I am guilty. My children are small she will not be able to fight for.”

During the World Cup, Shami was in news for sending a message to an unknown lady. Later. he was also denied a VISA due to the pending case, which was cleared after intervention from BCCI.

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