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Has Epic Nerfed Aim-Assist in Fortnite Season 3?

Has Epic Nerfed Aim-Assist in Fortnite Season 3?

Fortnite Battle Royale season 3 is officially here. On June 17th, the entire world was surprised by its arrival as several things had been changed. New content has been added, and yet, some of the greatest debates in the game still rage on. One of them includes the controller v keyboard and mouse debate.

While the KBM players feel that the controller players are given a lot of advantage, the controller players feel the opposite. Epic Games have worked on this issue before, they have tried their best to change the game for the better. They are also delivering their promises when it comes to community interaction.

Apparently, the controller aim-assist is nerfed with the new season. This might be one of the biggest controversies in the history of the game. Several players have expressed the importance of the aim-assist feature since controllers are actually at a disadvantage. Thus, with season 3 and no mention in patch notes, is the rumor true?

Fortnite Season 3 – full of content and controversies

This has definitely been the longest awaited season and thus, expectations were high. Epic Games did deliver a lot, they kept teasing all of that since season 1. The Doomsday event saw Midas go up against the ghost and shadows.

We also have learned that the Aquaman skin (along with an event) will come to Fortnite soon. Regardless of all this, some of the raging debates in the game never seem to be at an end. While it remains unconfirmed, we have to remember that a majority love playing with controllers. Thus, it would be unfair if the aim-assist was suddenly nerfed.

The game is going to change for the good

With the quality of content we have seen over the past few seasons, along with the events and the nerfs and buffs, Fortnite still manages to maintain its popularity. The Doomsday event was one of the most successful ones with over 20M people watching.

It is thus, highly expected of Epic Games to take care of every section of their community – both KBM and controller players. Regardless of what the majority says, if Epic does not deliver an all-round solution, several aspects might be at stake. What are your views on the controller aim-assist getting nerfed?

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