Has SBMM Ruined Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

November 25, 2020 6:23 pm

Owing to the return of Zombies mode and its integration with Warzone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was one of the most anticipated titles this year. The game finally released on November 13, and from the looks of it, it’s campaign and Zombies mode have lived up to the fan expectations.

However, Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer mode has created a big fuss in the Call of Duty community. Apparently, pros and casual players have a contrasting opinion on the matter, and it is hard to derive a single conclusion.

For instance, popular YouTuber Ali-A did not enjoy Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer mode. So much so, he feels even the Nuketown ’84 map cannot improve it.

As for now, the game’s integration with Warzone is the only ray of hope for the YouTuber.

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Surprisingly, Ali-A is not the only big name who has criticized the multiplayer mode in the latest Call of Duty title.  Some of the most renowned Call of Duty players like Scump, Censor, and Crimsix, among others, have made similar comments.

Primarily, the strong skill-based matchmaking system in the title ruins the experience for these big guns.

Is the multiplayer mode in Black Ops Cold War really dead?

Certainly, a majority of professional players have been struggling to enjoy the multiplayer mode. However, that does not represent the thoughts of the community as a whole.

It is worth noting that casual players comprise the biggest portion of a game’s user base, and they do not seem to have a problem with the strong SBMM system. The system that makes the game sweaty for the professionals also makes it enjoyable and stress-free for the casual players.

Hence, it will be an overstatement to say that the multiplayer mode in Black Ops Cold War is under threat.

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Up til now, Treyarch has been frequently updating the game as per fan feedback. If the heated debate around SBMM continues, the developers will have to make the right changes in order to establish a middle ground between the pros and casual players.

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