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Have No Interest in How Toto Wolff Runs his Team: Ferrari F1 Boss Mattia Binotto

Have No Interest in How Toto Wolff Runs his Team: Ferrari F1 Boss Mattia Binotto


During the Brazilian Grand Prix, the two Ferrari drivers ended each others’ races. Owing to the incident, the media tore apart the Maranello outfit for its line-up. They insisted that having two top drivers in the team was a recipe for disaster.

However, team principal Mattia Binotto stuck to his guns and firmly believes that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were perfect for them:

He told the media, “I am still convinced that having two of these drivers in my team is a luxury because they are both good drivers. Very good drivers.”

The Monegasque driver debuted for Alfa Romeo in 2018 and was promoted to Ferrari in place of Kimi Raikkonen. So, two top drivers were pitted against each other, which in theory should have a positive. Unfortunately, as McLaren found out the hard way in 2007, it backfired and exploded in their faces.

However the Ferrari team boss is of the opinion that Vettel and Leclerc are a good benchmark for each other. He continued, “They are both a good benchmark for the other and we have seen how they have improved. Seb (Sebastian Vettel ed.) Was certainly very fast in the second half. So I think it’s generally still a luxury to have two such drivers on your team.”

He also dismissed the idea of mimicking Toto Wolff’s approach to managing drivers. The Austrian had drawn up a list of guidelines back when Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had their issues in 2016.

The Scuderia Ferrari team boss admitted that he was not interested in leading the team in that way. “I don’t know what Toto did, I don’t want to judge that and I’m not interested either,” Binotto added.

With one race left on the calendar, it will be interesting to see if the Ferrari duo can keep their hands to themselves.

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