“He Has Been up to Date All the Time” – Former World No.8 Backs Novak Djokovic’s Presidency

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World No.1 Novak Djokovic has been in the negative limelight for weeks now. The Serbian was on the receiving ends of criticism from players and the press. And questions were asked regarding his Presidency in the ATP Players council.

In a video podcast called Tennis Legends on Eurosport, three-time Grand Slam doubles champion Jurgen Melzer still has faith in Djokovic’s leadership. With many players raising questions, Melzer believes Djokovic is still deeply involved in the council. It’s tough for World No.1 to manage everything but Djokovic can do it.

“Yes, Novak Djokovic can make an impact in the Player Council” – Jurgen Melzer

Swedish Legend Mats Wilander asked Melzer the question regarding the Djokovic’s Presidency. Wilander doubted Djokovic’s Presidency because he is the World No.1 and a very busy player. So the Serbian might not have the time to solve the player issues and attend calls.

“Novak being the president and world No.1, he is pushing the history of the game. How much time would somebody like Novak spend on players’ issues? And is he capable in terms of that time? Because how do you do that being president and World No.1” Wilander asked.

“I think it’s a very tough task. But when you sign up for it, you have to put your name in if you want to be the president so I guess he has thought about it and it’s time-consuming. Once you’re the president I think it’s your responsibility to be there and attend the calls and try to make it better for the players. So it has been challenging for him. But I think he has been up-to-date all the time.” answered Melzer

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Melzer also talked about the Adria Tour fiasco. He said Djokovic didn’t do the right thing and it wasn’t the ideal thing for the tennis world at the point of time. Nevertheless, Djokovic is one of the biggest voices in tennis and he can still change the whole situation around him.

“I mean you don’t have to be a professor to say ok this was not good for tennis. But I think he knows now” said Melzer.

“Yes, he does ”Melzer on whether Djokovic can make an impact on the council.

Djokovic is down with the coronavirus. So how he and the rest of the players react once Djokovic comes back will be interesting.

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