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“He Is Terrific”, Steve Smith Praises Virat Kohli for His All-format Brilliance

“He Is Terrific”, Steve Smith Praises Virat Kohli for His All-format Brilliance

Steve Smith

Former Australia captain Steve Smith and India captain Virat Kohli are two of the best batsmen in recent times. They have been dominating world cricket since long. While they are enemy on the field, they both have immense respect for each other off the field. However, Smith revealed Kohli is an incredible player.

Last year, during the ICC World Cup in England, Kohli asked fans to support Smith during the India-Australia encounter at the Oval. His beautiful gesture where he urged them to clap for Smith saved him from people’s criticisms for his ball-tampering scandal. However, Kohli won the ICC “spirit of cricket” award as well for this.

Steve Smith on Virat Kohli

“Yeah, he is terrific. His batting numbers just speak for themselves. I think he’s an incredible player in all three formats and I think we will see him break many records,” Smith told IANS. “He’s already broken plenty of them and I see him breaking many more over the years. He has got the hunger for runs and doesn’t stop getting them. Hopefully, he can stop getting them against Australia, that’ll be nice.”

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

“As a captain, he’s already made India the number one side in the world in Test cricket. From what I have seen he sets really good standards for them. He is a lot about fitness and is health-conscious and things like that. He’s got the Indian side into a really good place and leads them exceptionally well,” he further added.

However, Smith added in the list of those players who opposed the idea of four-day Test cricket. Earlier many have shown their disagreement with the format changed and one of them was Virat Kohli. Smith preferred the five-day test instead of four.

Steve Smith on four-day Test

“I am comfortable with five days,” he added. “I like the challenge of a five-day Test match. Obviously, there has been a lot of talk about the four-day Tests, but my personal opinion is I like five days. I don’t make the decisions obviously of how it all works out but my opinion is five-days Tests is what it is all about.”

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