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“He Made Me Sit During Negotiations” – Serena Williams Reveals Learning Business From Her Father

“He Made Me Sit During Negotiations” – Serena Williams Reveals Learning Business From Her Father

American star Serena Williams has been not just been successful on the tennis court but also off the court. She is a successful businesswoman and she has said that she learned a lot from her dad when it came to this part of her life. Check it out.

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Serena Williams On Her Dad

Serena Williams recently had a talk with Aryeh Bourkoff where they talked about many things. One of those things was about what Serena learned from her dad when it came to business where she said,

“My dad is a master business guy and a master marketer. He has done everything by himself as he didn’t go to school and didn’t get a fancy college degree. He is ahead of his time. I remember he made me sit during the negotiations of my first contract with Puma and is he was the one leading it. And I learned so much from it.”

Serena also said that she slept during these negotiations for a while but she says that it was a lifetime experience. She said,

“I got a lot of tips from that and I didn’t realize how much knowledge I had absorbed. And really I feel like some of the stuff that I do, my visions are so wild and so fresh. Some of the companies I have started with Serena Ventures are just so innovative and a breath of fresh air.”

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While Serena is more known for her achievements in tennis, she has also done really well in this part of her life. And it is something that is going to be her main focus once she retires from tennis. But she is not going to retire just yet.

This is because she has her eye set on beating Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slams. Since the WTA Tour has been suspended, she will have to wait for some time to do it. But once the Tour returns, we can expect her to play some amazing tennis and finally beat this record.

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