“He Makes Me Feel Like I Don’t Know How To Play” – Diego Schwartzman

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Argentine Diego Schwartzman has played a lot of matches against Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. He has never beaten them but has come close on some occasions. Recently, he described how it is to face the 2 legends of tennis. Checkout his replies.

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Facing Novak Djokovic

Diego Schwartzman said that playing against Novak Djokovic is extremely exhausting. So exhausting that it makes you feel like you have no lungs left after 2 games.  Novak Djokovic’s amazing ability to rally, the ability to retrieve all shots and his intensity are the reason for Diego feeling like this.

Facing Roger Federer

Diego Schwartzman said that playing against Roger Federer is not as exhausting. He gives more air to Diego but also makes him feel like he does not know how to play tennis. Roger Federer’s elegance and his ability to play a wide variety of shots make Diego feel like this.

I am sure Diego is not the only player who feels like this while playing against the 2 legends of tennis. Every other player on the ATP tour will be feeling exactly the way he does because Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are just that good at the game of tennis.

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Diego Schwartzman has lost all of his 4 meetings against both of them. I am sure he will not be happy about that. Despite his feelings while playing against them, he will want to score a win against them. Unfortunately, he will have to wait for some time before he can reach that goal.

The coronavirus pandemic has extended the suspension of the ATP tour to July. If the situation with the virus does not improve then it is likely we won’t see any tennis this year. Let’s hope that does not happen and Diego Schwartzman is able to finally beat the 2 legends of tennis.

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