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Health Benefits of Football for Men

Health Benefits of Football for Men

Do you like to play the ball in the yard and know the names of many footballers? And when there is a broadcast of a football match, you can’t be kept away from the TV? The diagnosis is obvious – you have “football dependence”!

Movement is life and any sport has a good effect on the body. And football is not an exception. Sports activities improve not only the physical but also the psychological state and contribute to the development of individuality.


What are the advantages of football?

For many people, football is a favorite sports game, activity or hobby (live football scores). A person who plays football is harmoniously developed. A good football player runs about ten kilometers per game (half of them are sprints for 30-50 meters). Football players are very strong guys.

Muscles: This game makes you constantly move, thereby strengthening the muscles of the body. As a rule, football players have a good body shape because this is not just a game but a kind of complex of physical exercises: running, jumping, stretching.

Cardiovascular diseases: Football is running, walking and sprinting in one. All this increases the efficiency of the heart. Football also lowers blood pressure. Regular football games will help reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack.

Bones: Studies have shown that people who play football have strong healthy bones and are less likely to develop osteoporosis.

Weight loss: Football is a lot of energy. Thus, football has a great benefit – it provides a comprehensive training of the body. A 45-minute football game can help burn 350 calories. Also, football improves metabolism.

Coordination, agility, and balance: The game of football is associated with complex movements, rapid changes in direction, and sudden changes in speed. All this develops coordination, dexterity, and balance.

Stress: Football is a great mood. It can cheer you up, raise your self-esteem, and improve your sleep.

Social skills: Football is a sport with which you can improve not only physical but also social skills. It means you have to communicate with different people and work as a member of a team. Creation of team spirit is a very fascinating and interesting process.

Football is a sport of a competition. There are victories and defeats. Sport puts people in different situations, which are also very useful. You will understand that in order to be successful, you need a lot of training and work. Football, like other game sports, develops these “fighting qualities” that are simply necessary for life. Football develops a rival spirit, teaches people to fight and not to upset even if a match is failed. It teaches you to take any possible options until a game ends and draw the right conclusions.

Other pros of football

  •         Develops flexibility and endurance
  •         Teaches to make a decision in a second
  •         Helps improve concentration, perseverance, and self-discipline skills
  •         Teaches determination, responsibility, and patience.
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