Daniel Ricciardo Retires from the Mexican Grand Prix


It was all joy for the man on Saturday after he took pole at the Mexican Grand Prix. But sadly that couldn’t transpire on Race day. What looked set to be a definite podium for Daniel Ricciardo, turned out to be another DNF for him: his eighth for the season.

After taking pole, Ricciardo had a poor start and was pushed down to third by Verstappen and Hamilton. He was involved in a frantic battle with Hamilton for second place and reclaimed the position from the Briton. The later half of the race, he was involved in a battle with Sebastian Vettel for 2nd position before this car released smoke and then he had to retire.

The problems, currently unidentified are definitely something to do with the Renault power unit only. Following Ricciardo’s exit, Verstappen was heard constantly on the radio that the team should turn down the engine if that is what it will take to prevent Verstappen from losing his engine too.

Quite a drastic turn of fortunes for the two Red Bull drivers. While one looks set to win the race, the other will be getting over another DNF.

Naturally, Ricciardo was furious and could do nothing but blame his fortunes. See his reaction:

All Ricciardo wanted was a final podium to celebrate with his team.


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