Heath Streak Demands Damages for Defamation

May 1, 2018 12:28 am
Former Zimbabwe coach Heath Streak, has filed a $1 million defamation lawsuit against Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) board chairperson, Tavengwa Mukuhlani. Mukuhlani allegedly threw ‘slanderous statements’ directed at Streak.
According to Streak’s lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa, the board chairperson’s intention was to “deliberately tarnish the plaintiff’s reputation”.
Mukuhlani said in his defence, “Streak was the coach and selector, he was entitled to change the team as he found fit but the question is: why did he change the team in the manner that he did?
“The white players knew PJ Moor was going to play [against UAE] but none of the black players knew about it. Zhuwao was only informed [that he wouldn’t play] in the warm-up. Why didn’t Streak inform the entire team?”
Heath Streak
Heath Streak had been sacked as the head coach after Zimbabwe failed to reach the 2019 World Cup. He furiously denied charges of racism and went ahead with the lawsuit.
“The defendant knew fully well or ought to have known at the time he uttered the words that his words were baseless. His words were malicious and deliberately intended to tarnish the plaintiff’s reputation,” said Streak’s lawyer.
“Further, the defendant deliberately and maliciously failed to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of his wrongful and malicious utterances before dishing such words to journalists for the attention of the general public.
“. . . . as a result the defendant’s defamatory utterances and resultant publication thereof, the plaintiff’s standing as a professional cricketer and a patriot has been diminished and soiled and soiled locally, regionally and internationally. His chances of getting employed elsewhere as a coach have been thwarted.
“By reason of the defamatory words, the plaintiff has suffered damage to his name and reputation and in all has suffered damages in the combined amount of USD 10,00,000,” He noted.
In the aftermath of Streak’s dismissal as well as the entire management team, Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) have begun to look for a new coach.
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