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Henry Cejudo Makes Bold Prediction on Future of Colby Covington

Henry Cejudo Makes Bold Prediction on Future of Colby Covington

Henry Cejudo

The sports of MMA has changed quite a lot over the years. While in the earlier days it was all about showcasing your skillsets inside the octagon and finding out who the better it was that night, today it’s mental warfare as much as it is physical. Conor McGregor made it a trend, providing a blueprint to sell the fight, and fighters such as Colby Covington and Henry Cejudo came up with their way to promote their fights. 

Colby Covington is the most polarizing personality in mixed martial art right now. His gimmick has made him one of the most hated fighters in UFC. However, it can not be denied that he is an exciting fighter that fans tune in to watch, let it be to cheer for Covington or be to watch him lose.

Henry Cejudo

When you talk about gimmicks, Henery Cejudo has saved the entire flyweight division on his own. he has brought a ton of attention to the division, something one of the greatest fighters, Demetrious Johnson was not able to do. However, Cejudo understands the pressure that comes with when you play a gimmick like his and hence he is nothing but appreciative of what Covington has done with the “Heel” persona. Cejudo said:

“I respect Colby. Because of what he is doing. I know exactly what it is because I am doing it. It’s a lot of pressure, wearing the hat, and the cape and doing magic tricks on the stage, knowing that you are gonna about to fight a killer, Marlon Moraes and throwing around a rabbit and slamming the snake.”

Henry Cejudo

“When I see people that are now showman, I respect them so much. cause I know what it takes and they are elevating the sports to the next level. Look at how much attention I brought to the flyweight division.” Cejudo continued in a recent interview with Brendan Schaub.

Colby Covington has claimed on multiple occasions that he will try his luck at pro wrestling in the future if the price is right. And it’s hard to assume that he won’t have a good run with a pro-wrestling organization. Well, the CCC also believes that Covington might jump off to pro-wrestling, leaving behind his MMA career. Henry Cejudo predicted:

“I don’t see him(Covington) fighting too much longer in UFC. I think he is building up this persona, this character, I think he is looking to get into WWE sooner or later. It’s gonna be a lot easier on him. He can live up to his character more. People are gonna know that he is an actor now.”

At the moment, Henry Cejudo does not have an opponent to defend his title. Although two-division UFC champion, Henry Cejudo has conquered both flyweight and bantamweight division, he is leaning towards to fight in the flyweight division.


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