Here’s How You Can Buy the PlayStation 5 in the UK

November 20, 2020 6:15 pm

The PlayStation 5 went on sale in the United Kingdom on the 19th of November. The sale had gone live a week after the console launched in the United States.

Within the last week, fans have seen how hard it was to get the PS5 from retail. Even though players could figure out where to buy the console, they were late. Therefore, the stock the stocks ran out. Therefore, knowing where to buy a PS5 is not enough to get one.

However, for some who consider themselves fortunate enough, this article contains all the major locations where the PS5 goes on sale. Customers can visit these locations in order to buy the PS5. Gamesradar compiled this list and is constantly updating it as soon as they come across fresh locations.

Online stores to buy the PlayStation 5

The PS5 is available on major online retailers and e-commerce websites in the UK. The disc edition which costs £449.99 is available on the following websites: Amazon UK | Very | Argos | Box | GameByte | ebuyer| | Currys | John Lewis.

On the other hand, the digital edition that costs £359.99 is available on the following websites: Amazon UK | Very | Argos | Box | Gamebyte | ebuyer | Currys.

With regards to Amazon UK, the stock is limited. However, they are constantly restocking the PS5 in short intervals. Therefore, fans can stick around on Amazon and keep refreshing the page. If they are lucky enough, they might just manage to steal one for themselves.

Apart from this, John Lewis and Very also have limited stocks that ran out in the morning. However, Very restocked the console shortly afterwards. Even though that stock also ran out, they might be worth checking out.

While Currys advertised their sale for 9AM, they had to push forward the time to 11AM and finally issue an apology saying, “There will be no PS5s available to buy today”. Therefore, whether they will have the console again in the future is doubtful.

The best bet for customers to grab a PS5 for the holidays will be to hover around these websites. They might just get lucky and get on the right site at the right time to find a console for themselves.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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