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“He’s Never Apologised” – Andy Murray’s Mother Opens up on Boris Becker’s Bitter Advice

“He’s Never Apologised” – Andy Murray’s Mother Opens up on Boris Becker’s Bitter Advice

British star Andy Murray has won 3 Grand Slams throughout his successful career. But it took a while before he won his first Grand Slam at the 2012 US Open. Before that win, Murray reached 4 Grand Slam finals and people wondered if he would ever win one.

In 2011, Boris Becker talked about how he could win a Grand Slam. And in that talk, he questioned the need for Andy’s mother Judy Murray to be around. In a recent interview, Judy talked about how this affected her. Check out what she said.

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Judy Murray On Boris Becker’s Advice For Andy Murray

In a recent interview with BBC, Andy Murray’s mother talked about Boris Becker’s comments and how she called him out on it years later. She said,

“I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Boris Becker for that. He’s never apologized, I don’t think he would ever understand what he made me feel like. I called him out on it a couple of years later. I thought it was right to let him know how much damage he had caused by doing something like that.”

In the interview, she also talked about how she first found about the comments and how she reacted when she saw it. She said,

“I just saw this on the street outside where I live, I went home. I didn’t go out for about three days and I really struggled with that. Boris Becker is such a huge figure in tennis and I thought, ‘people will think he knows what he’s talking about, they’re going to think that’s my fault.”

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Andy Murray now has won 3 Grand Slams with his mother by his side. And she will continue to be by his side as he attempts to win more.

Due to injuries, the British star has not been able to compete at the Grand Slams. But hopefully, we will see him competing when the ATP Tour returns in August.

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