“He’s Only a Two-Time Champion”- Call of Duty Mobile Creator iFerg Gives Dr Disrespect a Taste of His Own Medicine

November 30, 2020 6:18 pm

Unless you are living under a rock or in a cave, you may know that mobile gaming community is all over Dr Disrespect for his latest comment on them. Many gamers from the mobile gaming community replied to Doc’s tweet, including iFerg one of the finest influencers of the fraternity. He even challenged Doc to a $100,000 1v1 Call of Duty Mobile match.

This created tremendous chaos in the gaming community, and the news was blasting off the internet. Besides this, Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergie posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining everything on the topic.

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This is not the first time that Dr Disrespect has belittled mobile gaming. He has done this several times, and his condescending attitude towards mobile gaming has iFerg fuming. This was just the start of things getting really spicy.

Undoubtedly, Dr Disrespect made a huge mistake by going after mobile gamers as he got spammed for about 30-60 mins by his viewers on the 1v1 with iFerg. It got so out of hand that Doc was compelled to stream just for members at one point.

This was a monumental moment to troll Doc as he usually does to others, and iFerg didn’t let it slip away.

Dr Disrespect said he was just explaining his setup compared to a mobile device to his followers. He even said that the reason he doesn’t take mobile gaming seriously is because of its stronger aim assist than controllers. He even replied to Luke Fergie’s challenge but his answer was more like a taunt to mobile players.

“You can put your phone on your chest and play with your chin literally.” 

iFerg replies on Dr Disrespect stream

iFerg replied by reminding that the challenge for him was to play on his PC, on an emulator, and he will hop on in his mobile device. He even said that he would beat him with millions of people watching.

“Just so i can slap your mullet looking mustache a*s around in front of millions, Mobile vs PC style.”

He even agreed to hop on a controller for a 1 vs 1 on the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

“If you want 1vs 1 on new Call of Duty, I’ll hop on controller as well and I’ll slap you there too.”

According to Luke, Doc’s recent tweet asking how to video capture a mobile device on OBS is a hint that the face-off could be in the works.

iFerg was in no mood to pull his punches either. He had no qualms taking Doc on at his own ‘game’.

“Dr Disrespect is a little scared considering he’s only a two-time champion over two decades ago in 1993-1994. He doesn’t want to take on four-time number one player across multiple different titles.”

Suffice to say, iFerg is not afraid of taking on the Two-Time champion and give him a taste of the ribbing Doc usually delivers to others.

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To get more information regarding iFerg on this topic, watch the video down below:

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