HILARIOUS: Caller Checks into NBA Talk Show While on Drugs

June 15, 2019 2:51 pm

During every NBA game week, present Stephen A. Smith hosts the Friday show offering insight into the games. However, this Friday’s show provided some unexpected excitement. It was the first show after the NBA season concluded, and a champion was crowned. The Milwaukee Bucks won the Eastern Conference, and the Golden State Warriors clinched the Western Conference.

One of the biggest highlight’s of the show was when Smith was taking in callers to talk to on live TV. The internet went crazy when a caller came on the line, high on weed.

A caller identified as Rob found it majorly difficult to communicate with Smith as his speech was heavily slurred. The ESPN host smelt a rat immediately and gave the offending caller a huge ticking off. The ESPN NBA host then proceeded to tell him to come back when he is sober, before cutting the call.

Coming to the NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks had a stellar run, winning 60 games and losing only 22. They boasted of a home streak of 33 wins and only 8 losses. In terms of away games, Milwaukee chalked up 27 wins and only 14 losses.

The Toronto Raptors were their closest competitors, with 58 wins and 24 losses. However, the Raptors were mired in calls of poor sportsmanship on the part of their fans. Things kicked off when they cheered wildly when Kevin Durant injured himself in his first game back from injury. Then, things got worse when they heckled Stephen Curry’s family and even hurled abuses.

Moving on to the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors took home 57 wins and 25 losses. They boasted of a home record of 30 wins and 11 losses, and an away record of 27 wins and 14 losses. Their closest rivals were the Denver Nuggets, with a home record of 34 wins and 7 losses and an away record of 20 wins and 21 losses.

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