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HILARIOUS: Leury Garcia Gets a Gentle Blow in the “Unmentionables”

HILARIOUS: Leury Garcia Gets a Gentle Blow in the “Unmentionables”

Leury Garcia

Leury Garcia of Chicago White Sox was in for a shock when he tried to get back into the bag. A shock more of a funny kind. He did not slide in a usual manner and went running, when Minnesota Twins’s Willikans Astudillo collected the ball and in and unknowingly hit Garcia in the unmentionables. It is one place in the body that when you get hit, somehow everybody finds it funny. Though Garcia was left crouching, it might not have been unbearably painful as Astudillo’s impact was not with a huge amount of force. The whole incident looked extremely funny, and to add to it, the commentator said, “He got nipped by the turtle.” This comment from the broadcaster is certain to make you laugh.



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Cup check. 😬

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Garcia might have learned to always dive in, but his team seemed to go further away from victory Eddie Rosario’s mistake.

With the Twins trailing 2-1, Rosario hit a ball off the right field wall. Rosario assumed it as a homer and kept watching the ball out of the batter’s box instead of running for it.


Chicago’s Zack Collins homered in the top of the ninth inning to take White Sox to a 3-1 lead, which remained the final score. A few might be inclined to think Rosario’s misjudgement might have been the reason for the match to end in the way it did, but the twins manager Racco Baldelli wasn’t critical of Rosario.

“I don’t mind that play. Would I call it probably the right play? Maybe not,” Baldelli said. “But he was making something happen. He hits the ball down the right field line. He might not have seen the center fielder going over there to pick that ball up. He might have thought he was going in standing up, for all I know.”

“It was a great play by their center fielder to get over there and to make a pretty good throw to third base. Usually in those situations you’d probably say, with two outs, if you’re going to go you would probably make sure you’re standing up. But it’s harder out on the field when making those decisions then it is where we’re sitting. It is what it is. That’s not the reason we lost the game.”

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