Hilarious Moment for Lando Norris During Interview

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

During the final day of testing, the Sky Sports broadcasting team were supposed to interview McLaren rookie Lando Norris. There was a bit of back and forth banter between the British youngster and the Sky pundits. Topics ranged from Norris’ attempt to stay warm to his teammate’s attire to combat the weather.

Then, he was reminded that he too needed to speak up. His bemused answer of “Are we on?”, prompted guffaws from the panel. As it turned out, he looked a little lost and was caught off guard.

Fortunately, things got back on track and the rest of the interview went off without a hitch.

Norris ended the final day of testing in 7th place. All in all, it seemed like a fairly decent running for McLaren. Will this season be the year of redemption for them after several miserable seasons with Honda?