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Hilarious Video of José Abreu Comes Out During the Match between White Sox & Royals

Hilarious Video of José Abreu Comes Out During the Match between White Sox & Royals

Jose Abreu

A hilarious scenario came up during the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals when the cameraman tried to focus a few seconds off the game. White Sox’s José Abreu, along with fellow players were in the dugout when the camera panned on them.

The video came out on social media, where it suddenly zooms towards Abreu and he is seen opening a packet of what looks like chips. He seemed to notice the camera when he seemed to hide the packet in a funny manner.

He makes it funnier with a comic expression and shows asking for money. This is when the other players intrude and ask the cameraman to focus on the field.

Video of the funny incident :

José Abreu, who played in the Cuban National Series until 2013, changed his allegiance that year. MLB granted him free agency in that year, and in October 2013, Abreu signed with the White Sox. Since then, Abreu has predominantly been a first baseman for the team, apart from filling in as a designated hitter.

In the subsequent year in the month of April, he hit the first two home runs of his career at Coors field. Later that month, Abreu recorded his third multi-homer game with a walk-off grand slam off Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Grant Balfour giving him nine homers in his first month in the Major Leagues, surpassing the record of eight shared by Albert Pujols (2001), Carlos Delgado (1994), and Kent Hrbek (1982). He also featured in the 2014 MLB all star game.

His season was excellent for Abreu finishing with a White Sox rookie record 36 home runs. He won the 2014 Sporting News American League Rookie of the Year Award. He was awarded the AL Silver Slugger Award for first basemen, becoming the only White Sox first baseman besides Frank Thomas to ever gain the honor. Abreu was unanimously named the 2014 AL Rookie of the Year by the BBWAA on November 10, 2014.

He also played in last year’s all star game.


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