Hitman 3: Streamer’s Attempt to Kill Every Single NPC on Map Ends Hilariously

January 27, 2021 10:51 pm

A Hitman 3 streamer took on an unusual challenge inside the game where he pledged to knock out and kill every single NPC on a map together by stuffing them inside a freezer. This task does not come from the developer but has been made up by the streamer himself, who wanted to see whether it is possible to kill everyone together.

It is normal to break out into a gunfight when the stealth aspect of the game becomes too demanding. However, taking on such a demanding challenge that demands an insurmountable amount of patience is far from normal.

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Image source: The verge

Streamer RTGameCrowd challenged himself to clear out every NPC in the Sapienza map by stuffing them inside a freezer. To make matters harder, the streamer added another condition of practicing nonviolence until everyone came together.

It took him over 6 hours to knock every single NPC out and bring each body back to the butcher’s shop, where the freezer is. If you have played the game, then you’ll know the Sapienza map is not an easy one to beat.


The aftermath of the six-hour stretch

With the challenge halfway done and every single NPC locked inside the freezer, it was time to execute the most enjoyable aspect of the challenge. The streamer still needed a stroke of ingenuity to figure out a way to kill everyone inside.

To accomplish this feat, the streamer made use of a duck bomb and an open propane tank. He lobbed everything together inside the freezer and set the duck loose. With everything in place, all he needed was the right music and the detonator to blow everything up to smithereens.
It did not exactly go as the streamer had planned as the explosion indeed occurred, but not from the propane. He then had to pick up the tank again and this time shoot it from a close range, killing himself along with everyone inside instantaneously.
You can head over here to watch the stream where the streamer took on the challenge.
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