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Hitting Partner Praises Stefanos Tsitsipas For High-Intensity Training

Famous tennis hitting partner from Serbia, Milan Krnjetin praises the rising tennis sensation, Stefanos Tsitsipas for training at a very high-intensity level and also making the practice sessions positive.

Milan Krnjetin practiced with Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Shanghai Rolex Masters 2019 last week. The Serbian hitting partner reveals that he always felt good energy in Tsitsipas’ practice sessions. He also denied that the Greek’s father put a lot of pressure on him during his training.

In a post on Instagram Milan Krnjetin wrote: “Some people say that Stefanos is training too hard and is being pushed too much by his father. I was fortunate enough to take part in four trainings with him and there is something I want to share.”

Krnjetin explained that the training sessions of Stefanos Tsitsipas are tough and strict but the 21-year-old’s father and mother help him out on the court and always create a positive atmosphere for the next-generation star.

He further added: “I enjoyed every single minute out there on the court with Stefanos and his father also his mother came to court to help us a few times. I never felt under too much pressure and there was always a good vibe even though the training was tough and strict.”

“There is something in that discipline and their approach to training that really resonated with me. This is maybe because I really like super high intensity but also a positive atmosphere during the practice,” Krnjetin said.

The Serbian also suggested that Stefanos Tsitsipas put in a lot of effort in his training as he indicated that he works harder than 99 percent of players as he became the top 10 players in the world.

He concluded: “Becoming one of the best in the world takes effort that most of the others don’t put in. It’s very logical. To become the top one percent, you need to work harder more than the other ninth nine percent.”

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