Hoffenheim Owner Dietmar Hopp Claims that a Coronavirus Vaccine is in Development

March 17, 2020 1:21 am

Recently, Hoffenheim FC owner Dietmar Hopp claimed that a coronavirus vaccine could be on the horizon. According to him, human trials have been green lit for the coming months.

The 79-year-old owns a 96 per cent stake in Hoffenheim. His influence has guided the team to become Bundesliga regulars. In addition to his football endeavours, Hopp has invested in the biopharmaceutical company CureVac. Apparently, the company racing to work on a vaccine to combat the rampant spread of Covid-19.

According to the Hoffenheim chief, CureVac has been trying to combat the crisis since the year began. Now, he believes that the company is close to a breakthrough.

Speaking to Sport1, Hopp said: “That depends on the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (the german institute for vaccines). It has to be tested first with animals and then with human beings. But I think it could be available in autumn at the time when possibly the next wave of infections will come.”

Dietmar Hopp

Can the Hoffenheim owner be the world’s godsend?

The Hoffenheim owner refuted reports of US president Donald Trump gunning for German scientists working on the immunisation. He also insisted that the vaccine will be available for everyone and not privatised.

Coming to the football action, all league have been suspended due to the coronavirus. Now, UEFA officials will convene soon to debate on the next step. Namely, how to move forward with the current season for the various leagues. Some suggestions revealed that the Euro 2020 may be pushed back by a year. The idea is to allow clubs to complete their schedules and not put a strain on them.

Admittedly, Hopp has thrown his support behind such a notion. He is of the opinion that the Champions League may benefit in the long run. This is especially considering that the Club World Cup may also be called off this year.

As a parting thought, he said, “This tournament [Euro 2020] has to be cancelled, it could be played next year. This would have the advantage that the Club World Cup could not be played. That tournament (the Club World Cup) is not advisable anyway.”

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