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Honda Issues a Bold Declaration About their Power Unit

Honda Issues a Bold Declaration About their Power Unit

Honda F1 chief, Masashi Yamamoto has declared that their power unit is performing much better that Renault. It is true to some extent, given how well, Red Bull and Toro Rosso have been doing in races.

However, on the Renault side of the fence, the factory team, and customers, McLaren, have not been performing up to standard. In comparison with Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda, the Renault engine has been the slowest and least reliable.

Speaking to Speedweek, Yamamoto said, “With the help of Red Bull and Toro Rosso, we are in better shape than Renault at the moment,”

However, he also chose not to be overconfident, “But I do not think we are far ahead of them.”

When the summer arrives, the Japanese manufacturer will be introducing a new upgrade. With Red Bull on their side, they are confident of great results, especially in the wake of their two podiums in 5 races.

Masashi Yamamoto

“We have to work hard to increase power while maintaining reliability at a high level,” continued Yamamoto.

“That requires a lot of development work, but without that it is difficult to catch up.”

According to Yamamoto-san, Honda are eager to produce a race-winning power unit. However, he believes that they must exercise caution, as it should not be at the expense of their budget.

“For Honda, the goal is always to win,” he said. “So far we have focused on balancing horse power and reliability, and I think we definitely need more horse power now,”.

“So we need to keep our heads down and improve.”

Max Verstappen’s podium in Barcelona, certainly gave Honda a massive spike of confidence. Also, with Pierre Gasly slowly finding his feet and producing consistent results, Red Bull can only go further.

It also helps their case when Scuderia Ferrari make so many mistakes and increase the gulf between them and Mercedes.

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